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Year 3

Children also enjoyed writing and following instructions; and working in teams to complete an exciting experiment to simulate a volcanic eruption:

In the second half of the Spring term, our Topic in Year 3 was called ‘Tremors’.  Children learned about volcanoes and earthquakes.  The had fun with splash painting to create volcano artwork:

As a link to our English lessons on report writing, children wrote some very informative non-chronological reports titled ‘All About Rivers’ and ‘Rivers of the World’.  They also discussed how rivers can be polluted and what can be done to save our rivers.  They designed and painted a poster to encourage people to look after our rivers:

Children also enjoyed learning about the water cycle and worked in pairs to make 3D water cycle models. Each quarter of the model represents a different part of the water cycle: evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection:

In the first half of the Spring term, our topic was called ‘Flow’.  As part of this topic, children developed their understanding of the world – its continents, oceans and countries.  They made representations of the oceans and continents to support their learning:

In the Autumn term, children also enjoyed the first Religious Education learning day.  The theme was ‘creation’:


Children created their own names as Graffiti art using a computer program and also learned about the work of Banksy and painted their own pieces of famous Banksy artwork:

Our topic in the second half of the Autumn term was called ‘Urban Pioneers’.  As well as writing about famous landmarks to improve their Geography knowledge, children also studied Graffiti art in London and debated whether it is art or Graffiti (the majority of the class were of the view that it was art!):

During English lessons in the Autumn term, children enjoyed reading, writing about and performing many of Aesop’s fables:

Team working was also important when children baked yummy superhero cupcakes to take home and for the staffroom:

Children wrote about the story of 101 Dalmatians and described the character of Cruella De Vil.  They also worked in teams to make 101 Dalmatian pumpkins:

Children also enjoyed a very messy art lesson when they made superhero paintings using their own handprints:


As a link to our English lessons on fairy tales from alternative perspectives, children sketched a range of fairy tale characters from puppets that visited our classroom:

Children from Years 3 and 4 helped to plant some flowers outside our Year 3 classroom to brighten up our school grounds:

Children had to pay close attention to detail when they made superhero and Star Wars silhouettes:

Our topic in the first half of the Autumn term was called ‘Superheroes and Villains’. Children worked together to make colourful Superhero rosettes to brighten up our classroom: