At Holdbrook our curriculum is build around themes.  Within each theme, the knowledge and skills for each subject has been carefully mapped out to ensure the learning is progressive year on year.

Curriculum Overview 2019-2020

  Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term


Nursery All About Me Once Upon a Time… People Who Help Us We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Roar!

Dinosaur Adventure


Green Fingers
Reception Incredible Me Food Glorious Food & Celebrations!


Helpful Heroes To Infinity and Beyond It’s a Bugs Life! Ocean Adventure
Year 1 Toy Story Sparks Fly Our Town – Waltham Cross Our Planet Paddington in London Growl and Prowl
Year 2 Travel and Transport

From A to B


A Healthy Me A Knight’s Tale Street Detectives All Around the World Going to the Seaside
Year 3 Stone Age to Iron Age Rotten Romans

European Neighbours – Focus Italy and Rome

Active Planet

Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Year 4 Ancient Egypt


Save the Rainforest and Mayan Civilization Anglo Saxons and Scots – Dragons Tale
Year 5 Water Water Everywhere & Local History

Canals and River Lea


Raiders and Traders

The Vikings


Environmental Study – Fieldwork

Helping Hands for Holdbrook/ Regeneration

Year 6 Battle of Britain Road Trip USA


Ancient Greeks