Children are encouraged to attend clubs, which cover a variety of activities to enrich and consolidate learning.

Workshops and visitors provide pupils with the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding outside of the classroom whilst remaining in school. These are linked to our creative curriculum.

School Trips

We arrange a number of off-site visits: some in the local area, others further afield. Apart from the educational and life-skill opportunities the trips provide, the children’s safety and the cost of such trips are of serious consideration when they are planned.

All our day trips are linked to the creative curriculum to enhance children’s learning and engage them in their new topic.


Residential Trip

A residential trip is an annual learning experience for the older children in KS2 which allows them to develop a wide range of skills. In recent years his has been to an outdoor centre on the Norfolk coast and Butlins in Skegness.  Last year the children went to Tolmers Activity Centre to take part in a range of exciting adventures.  Details of this year’s residential trip will be available soon.