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Curriculum Information by Year Group

We are very excited to have introduced the Cornerstones Interactive Learning Projects scheme of work in order to build a group of well-rounded individuals who love to learn in innovative and dynamic ways. This new scheme has allowed us to create links between pupils’ learning, the classroom environment, the outdoor space as well as consolidate learning through trips and visitors.

Each half-term we engage our children with a new topic, develop their ideas and understanding, allow them to innovate with their new skills and express their ideas using all of their creativity.

Below is a summary of what each Year Group will be learning about during each half-term. You will find information about their topic, the books they will be reading, the phenomena they will be investigating – as well as information about what they will be studying in each of the foundation subjects during that time.

Ensuring children are exposed to high-quality literature is key to improving vocabulary and writing as well as developing a love for reading that will stay with children for life. We have invested in classic literature which supplements and adds to the curriculum themes. Our English curriculum has also been developed in line with the Cornerstones’ scheme of work so that children’s understanding and application of skills can be developed throughout the school day.

Homework ties in with the curriculum in school- the details for this can be found in our revised Homework Policy.

English at Holdbrook

We aim for excellence in English achievement throughout the school in line with our school vision. We develop pupils’ abilities in Speaking & Listening, Reading and Writing through our creative curriculum. Pupils develop their use, knowledge and understanding of spoken and written English within a broad and balanced curriculum, with opportunities to consolidate and reinforce skills in other curriculum areas. Our thematic curriculum based on the Cornerstones scheme enables pupils to develop English skills throughout the school day. The following documents show the genre based curriculum that we have developed to meet the needs of our learners in-line with our creative curriculum.

Maths at Holdbrook