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At Holdbrook Primary School & Nursery, the role of the Governing Board is to provide strategic management, and to act as a ‘critical friend’, supporting the work of the Headteacher and other staff.

The Governors of Holdbrook Primary School & Nursery are:

Caroline Jenkins – Chair of Governors – COP (20/10/16)

Link role: Maths / PE

Business & Pecuniary Interests : Works for a local business.  Family member is a student.

The Chair of Governors can be contacted by email:

Caroline Jenkins Biography

Kacey Brown – Vice Chair – COP Governor (10/07/17)

Link role: Health & Safety / GDPR

Business & Pecuniary Interests : None

Kacey Brown Biography

Charlotte Angeli – Headteacher – (23/04/19)

Business & Pecuniary Interests : Staff member

Peter Maiden – LEA Governor (11/11/15)

Link role: Safeguarding

Business & Pecuniary Interests : Works for a local charity that supports families who attend the school.

Governance Roles in other schools : Vice Chair of Downfield Primary School / Arlesdene Nursery School

Peter Maiden Biography

Carol Bowman – COP Governor (01/11/15)

Link role: Attendance

Business & Pecuniary Interests : None

Carol Bowman Biography

Louise Lines – PAR Governor (26/04/18)

Link role: PSHE

Business & Pecuniary Interests : Parent of child at the school

Paula Violet – COP Governor (26/04/18)

Link role: Pupil Premium / Science

Business & Pecuniary Interests :

Paula Violet Biography

Linda Williams – AM (23/03/17)

Link role: Humanities / English / EYFS

Business & Pecuniary Interests : None

Linda Williams Biography

Jan Downey – COP Governor (16/01/19)

Business & Pecuniary Interests : Staff member

Sam Orsborne – COP Governor (23/05/19)

Business & Pecuniary Interests : 

Sam Orsborne Biography


Throughout the year they attend meetings to help with the monitoring and evaluation of the school.

2017-2018 – Meetings-HoldbrookPrimary

2018-2019 – Meetings-HoldbrookPrimary


Categories are elected as follows:

COP = Co-opted – Appointed by governing body.

PAR = Parent – Parents of children at the school. Most elected by parents at the school.

HT = Headteacher

AM = Associate Member – Not governors, but can be invited to sit on one of the committees of the governing body, usually because they have specific skills. They can be given voting rights.

LEA = Governors appointed by the LA. Governing body can set eligibility criteria which appointees must meet, and it is the governing body that appoints rather than the LA.

STF = Staff – Elected by those who are paid to work at the school.

Governors Secure Area