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Recognise our Success

Holdbrook’s Whole School Reward System

At Holdbrook we know all about hard work, good manners and being respectful of everyone around school. We have all been put into a coloured house team (Red, Blue, Yellow or Green). When we are recognised by any adult around the school for showing these qualities, we can be rewarded with a coloured token which are placed into the collection tubes. If we have been AMAZING we might be given a gold star that is worth ten tokens!


Each term all of the counters in each team are counted up and scores put up above the collection tubes. The winning team gets a fun reward for all their effort. In the Autumn term the red team won the prize which was some time in the Gaming Party Bus that arrived at school. Everyone in Red team had the chance to play, sing or dance using the gaming consoles on the bus and we had a great time.

In the Autumn term 2017 we collectively managed to achieve over 17,000 acts of kindness or positive attitudes that made us proud to be who we are. I wonder if we will manage to beat this next term?

Celebrate our Success Awards – Weekly


Each week the class teacher chooses 2 children from their class based on a different theme/achievement.

Jigsaw Celebration Certificates – Weekly 


The ‘Jigsaw’ approach has children at its heart and helps them to understand and value who they are and how they contribute to the world. Celebration Certificates are awarded in a weekly assembly, to pupils in each year group, to recognise their contribution to a particular aspect of each theme.


Governors Awards – Termly


Our governors have designed a certificate, awarded termly, to recognise a specific achievement.  In each class two children are chosen in recognition of their outstanding effort/achievement.  These certificates are presented in the end of term assembly by governors currently serving in the school.

The autumn term certificates were awarded for: Always upholding the values of Holdbrook School.

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