Holdbrook Primary School prides itself on being a central part of the COMMUNITY. We aim to welcome all children irrespective of race, gender, ability or background. We welcome and respect the rich diversity that different people bring to our school.

We make every effort to provide for children’s differing needs and abilities and are careful to ensure that all children have the opportunity to do their best.

  • Our school is a flat site and easily accessible to disabled people
  • We provide special diets for children who need them
  • Translators and readers are available for adults and children

If you or your child requires any special arrangements, please discuss these with us.

Developing Special Provision Locally (DSPL4)

Services offered to children and young adults with special educational needs or disabilities in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire SEN & Disability (SEND) Directory : local offer

Local offer for Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

Holdbrook Primary School’s Local Offer for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Holdbrook Primary School’s Local Offer provides information for parents, carers and those who support children with SEND.

This is an inclusive school and we ensure that all pupils are included in every aspect of school life. We aim to encourage all children, regardless of their SEND, to make the best possible progress and we seek to remove the barriers to learning and participation that can hinder and exclude individual pupils, or groups of pupils. At Holdbrook we believe learning should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone. Our teaching aims to equip children with the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to make informed choices about the important things in their lives and to take responsibility for their own learning.

The SENCo has responsibility for all aspects of SEND is Mrs Sally Pattrick. The class teaching teams work closely with her to ensure that children with SEND in their class are planned for effectively and reviewed regularly.