School dinners are provided by Hertfordshire Catering Ltd, and a large proportion of the pupils enjoy the excellent and nutritionally balanced meals, which are prepared freshly on the school site. The school operates the pupil choice menu so children are guaranteed the dinner choice they make.

The school menu can be downloaded at

The cost per lunch is £2.55. There is a high uptake of the school meal, and menus are available for parents to see. There is always a vegetarian option. If a packed lunch is preferred parents should remember that the school encourages the drinking of filtered, chilled water, provided free of charge from machines in the dining room. Any fizzy drinks will be returned to parents. Lunch boxes should contain a healthy meal. Sweets and chocolate are not deemed suitable items for the lunch box.

Children in KS1 will be provided with a piece of fruit during the morning.

Parents are welcome to provide their own fruit if they wish.